Most expensive places to get married!

Well, as if we didn’t know this already but Connecticut and 4 other states in the tri-state area come up in a top 25 list of “Most expensive places to get married” according to the Knot in March 2015.

Getting married doesn’t necessarily have to be break the bank however. The best way to get the most bang for your buck and be satisfied with your wedding is to focus on the elements that are most important to you and put your resources there. If it’s the ceremony that really matters, get the venue you’re dreaming of, add that violin procession and make it special. However, if it’s making sure everyone has a great time dancing at the reception, then put a little extra into the DJ or band and less perhaps on extra trimmings for the ceremony. Want to create an amazing ambience or theme for the whole thing? Make sure your decor is top notch and let the food and drinks take care of themselves! Every wedding is different and should subtly reflect the elements you care about the most.

The list for the Knot is below. For more wedding statistics info; visit- The Knot Study

Top 25 Most Expensive Places to Get Married

Based on average cost of a wedding in 2014, couples spend the most on their weddings in the following areas in the US.  Five of the six most expensive areas to get married are in the New York/Tri-State area.

1. New York – Manhattan $76,328
2. New York – Long Island $55,327
3. New Jersey – North/Central $53,986
4. New York – Westchester/Hudson Valley $52,954
5. Illinois – Chicago $50,934
6. New York – Outer Boroughs $49,781
7. Pennsylvania – Philadelphia $44,090
8. Rhode Island $41,914
9. California – San Francisco/Greater Bay Area $39,690
10. New Jersey – South $39,191
11. California – Santa Barbara/Ventura $39,187
12. Washington DC/Northern Virginia/Suburban Maryland $39,025
13. Connecticut $38,925
14. Massachusetts – Boston $38,665
15. Florida – Southern $38,155
16. California – Los Angeles $37,317
17. Louisiana $35,532
18. Hawaii $34,958
19. Maryland – Baltimore $34,409
20. Texas – Houston $33,809
21. Illinois – Chicago Suburbs $33,391
22. California – Orange County/Inland Empire $33,118
23. California – San Diego $32,941
24. Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh $32,359
25. Texas – Austin/San Antonio $31,886

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