Wedding Venues

There are a lot of options for venues in Lower Fairfield County- here are a couple of our favorites in the area that we’ve worked with before. Remember, flowers are there to accent and highlight the theme of your wedding against a (hopefully) beautiful back drop!

1. Dolce Norwalk-

Dolce is a conference center located close to historic South Norwalk. They have stunning views of the water and countryside. We have always enjoyed working with them. With capabilities of up to 400 guests, they are perfect for large weddings.

2. The Waveny House in New Canaan-

As you drive through the trees to reach the Waveny house, you will soon fall in love with it’s charm. A historical mansion owned by the town of New Canaan, every room creates a feeling of magic and romance. There are so many ways to be creative at this venue and use the space!

3. The Westchester Country Club-

The Westchester country club is the real deal. For an absolutely impeccable and elegant venue, then look no further. You can rest assured that every detail will be taken care of here. We also have a very close relationship with this club as we provide their weekly and event flowers (so we may be a little biased but take a look and see for yourself!)

Good luck on selecting your venue!

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