A little bit of advice on organizing your wedding!

Many people have a plan when it comes to what they will book and when. So they concentrate completely on one item at a time, find the one they like and book it. Dress, then venue then caterer then entertainment and florist.. and so on.

In fact, this can actually end up costing couples more money than if they had shopped around with vendors in several different categories first! You’d be surprised at what tips and partnerships you find out as you are meeting with say a caterer or a florist or a DJ. The DJ may be able to offer you a better deal if you book him with one of the venues he works at or vice versa so it’s always a good idea to ask around before starting your serious test runs.

Similarly, this can work in your advantage if you start looking at florists early on in the planning stages. Florists tend to be a big part of the community and may know of vendors to work with that hadn’t even crossed your mind!

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