Ring Around the Rosie

Wow!  Roses are still one of the most popular wedding flowers out there.  Here are some fun facts about Roses…

Chaperoned ladies in Victorian times used floriography (the language of flowers) to communicate with suitors.  Red roses symbolized love, although dark red was often a sign of guilt and a very pale red was a signal to keep the affair under wraps.  When it came to secret proposals, a red rose presented with the right hand meant yes, but from the left, sadly, it was no.

Other shades of Roses have their own symbolism too.  White means purity, secrecy and charm.  Peach/pink means happiness, admiration and grace.  Yellow means freedom, joy and friendship.  Orange means desire.  Lavender and Lilac mean love at first sight and enchantment.

For fragrance, look for ‘Blue Moon’ (lilac), ‘Free Spirit’ (pink/orange), ‘Fragrant Cloud’ (dark red), ‘Juliet’ (peach) and one of my personal favorites, ‘Patience’ (creamy white).

Try not to be confused by terms such as floribunda and hybrid tea.  Basically, floribunda varieties have smaller blooms and grow in clusters.   While hybrid teas are bred to be beautiful in the bud and have a long vase life.  They usually produce a single flower on each stem, making them an ideal cut flower.

Spray roses usually have three or more blooms in a cluster on the top of each stem.  Spray roses are fantastic for boutonnieres and corsages and add texture to Rose bouquets.

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